Employee Assessment Service for the HR Department of a Large Russian IT Company

The customer is a large Russian Internet company. They outsourced and developed an internal employee assessment system for their HR department. The system needed some major adjustments, but the customer had ceased cooperation with the former contractor. Therefore, they contacted Antida software with a request to  adjust and optimize the software.


It was nearly the quarter end and the customer was in need of assessing their employees by projects. The then current version of the system did not allow doing it due to the following main issues:
1) The system worked very slowly, some database queries failed due to timeouts
2) The results and statistics of large-scale assessment (involving over 50 employees) were calculated incorrectly
3) After some time of using the software, the customer realized that they needed a flexible assessment configuration
4) Also, they needed a new assessment type to be developed
5) There were some more issues to fix and adjustments to implement.


Our company allocated for the project a team consisting of a front-end developer, a back-end developer, and a QA engineer. This team started adjusting the employee assessment service.

The entire project was divided into five one-week sprints, with an update released after each of them. First of all, we optimized the performance, namely: optimized interaction with MySQL, performed denormalization of certain data, and improved the connection management. Next, we fixed various bugs that affected the user experience. During the last two sprints, we were implementing the new functionality.


Antida software professionally analyzed, decomposed, and estimated the project. This combined with the properly organized development process and deep expertise in legacy code handling allowed us to finish the project by the specified date, providing the customer with the highest quality of the end product.

As we managed to deliver the project short before the quarter end, the large-scale quarterly assessment was successfully completed by the customer’s company.

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