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What our customers say

«The whole process of searching outsourced development company took me about a month. However, I do not regret, because as a result we’ve signed a contract with Antida and the whole project was very seamless. It still is. Antida’s team is still involved in day-to-day operations and support and acts and feels like a part of our team.»
Anton Seidler CEO & Co-founder at PlanReseller Dallas, USA
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Петр Марков Руководитель проектного офиса в ЦИАН Москва
«The group at Antida has provided service beyond anything we expected from a remote development team. These highly skilled developers and testers communicate with our local team as if they were halfway across town rather than halfway around the world.»
Herbert Axilrod President at Birch Grove Software Inc. Dallas, USA
«Antida software provides us with various advisory services: they help us hire developers, review architecture, and assure our products’ quality. I’d like to emphasize their carefulness and responsibility that they demonstrate in any work they do. Without a doubt, I can recommend these guys as a service provider.»
Avetis Saakyan CEO & Co-founder at TBBoard LLC New York, USA

We do care

The permanent strive for effectiveness improvement pushes us towards continuous self-development. We read the right books, attend and arrange conferences, communicate and share experience with our peers. Our team consists of the right people who share these values.

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