Agency Vacancies on the Largest Real Estate Website in Russia

Our customer,, which is the largest real estate website in Russia, having identified a specific business problem of agencies, decided to bring to the market the product MVP to solve it. By that time, Antida software had already developed three projects for the customer, which was why CIAN contacted us again, treating us as a reliable contractor.


The major issues for real estate agencies are the high employee turnover rate, hiring, and training. Agency owners share those issues with CIAN through various communication channels: personally, through Zendesk, at conferences, through the sales department, etc. The Russian segment of the Internet lacks a fully-fledged platform or service where new real estate agents can be found quickly.

To verify the hypothesis of the Vacancy section necessity, we needed to develop the section MVP, which would cover the basic scenario of job publication and responding to it.


We implemented the new section in the website as a micro service integrated in the common pool. The Tornado framework is responsible for the asynchronous server, and the client is based on React with server-side rendering with Node.

To verify the business hypothesis, we needed to cover the main needs; therefore, the section functionality was limited to:
1) job posting
2) job editing and deleting
3) job filtering by certain conditions
4) job application

As the website is used by over 7M unique users per month, we needed to ensure that the rendering rate of all pages would not exceed 400 ms. This required us to handle the database properly.


It took us only four weeks to integrate into CIAN’s processes, decompose them, and develop a new section with agencies’ jobs. Currently, we are analyzing the section, collecting feedback, and planning adjustments.

Antida has long been our important and reliable development partner. Their competencies allow us to trust them with complex projects and be confident in the success of each of them. The guys work absolutely transparently and easily integrate into our internal processes. This is crucial for us.

Peter Markov, PMO at CIAN, Moscow
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